Marte Um: Crítica de Cody Dericks para o site americano Next Best Pictures

O site Next Best Pictures publicou em 22.11.2022 uma crítica para o filme brasileiro “Marte Um”, pré-candidato ao Oscar 2022/2023 de Melhor Filme Internacional. Os primeiros parágrafos:

(Cody Dericks, November 22, 2022)

When it comes to writing movies, there’s simply nothing better one can do than build good, solidly defined characters. This may seem obvious, but any film lover can tell you that far too many movies get distracted by other more bombastic elements rather than building a sturdy foundation of fictional figures. Gabriel Martins, the writer-director of “Mars One,” clearly has his writerly priorities straight, and his newest movie is a testament to his abilities. It’s a sweet film that doesn’t hesitate to put its characters in realistically dire situations that would unbalance anyone’s life, and yet it still manages to remain compelling and ultimately quite moving.

The Martins (who pointedly share the same last name as the filmmaker) are a working-class family in modern-day Brazil. They lead quiet lives – the parents have steady labor, and their daughter and son are both studying to pursue their passions. But as seemingly small issues begin to disrupt the unimpeded flow of their day-to-day existences, they must reassess what’s truly important and how best to deal with life’s unexpected disruptions.

The harmonious collaboration of the writer-director and actors gives the film’s central family life. Each character is fully developed without the need for long stretches of awkward, expository dialogue. Martins drops right into these characters’ lives and trusts the audience to be able to piece things together. All four of them are given generous time on their own for viewers to become accustomed and endeared to their habits, dreams, and flaws. The actors are all marvelous at imbuing humanity into the characters they portray. This may seem trite as it’s literally their job to do so, but even from the earliest parts of the movie, all four fully inhabit their characters in believable, captivating ways. A director could only dream of working with such a well-equipped ensemble.

Actress Rejane Faria in particular, turns in stellar work. She plays Tércia, the family’s matriarch, who begins to see doom everywhere she goes after a strange near-near-death encounter, leading her to believe that she has been cursed. She’s clearly on edge, but Faria never lets it become an overwhelming fear. Instead, she quietly and slowly allows it to consume her – a wise choice for a character who must keep both her household and job running. Faria is able to convey a wide-ranging array of expressions, both micro and macro, often switching between them within the same shot. It’s an impressive, severely sympathetic performance. (…)

Leia o texto completo clicando aqui.

~ por Tommy Beresford em novembro, 22 2022.

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