Alliance Of Women Film Journalists 2021: Vencedores

Olivia Colman

Os vencedores foram anunciados em 25.01.2022:

Best Film
– “Ataque dos Cães”

Best Director
– Jane Campion – “Ataque dos Cães”

Best Actress
– Olivia Colman – “A Filha Perdida”

Best Actress In A Supporting Role
– Kirsten Dunst – “Ataque dos Cães”

Best Actor
– Benedict Cumberbatch – “Ataque dos Cães”

Best Actor In A Supporting Role
– Kodi Smit-McPhee – “Ataque dos Cães”

Best Screenplay, Original
– “Belfast” – Kenneth Branagh

Best Screenplay, Adapted
– “Ataque dos Cães” – Jane Campion

Best Documentary – EMPATE
– “Flee”
– “Summer Of Soul”

Best Animated Film – EMPATE
– “Encanto”
– “A Família Mitchel e a Revolta das Máquinas”

Best Ensemble Cast – Casting Director
– “Ataque dos Cães” – Nikki Barrett, Tina Cleary, Carmen Cuba, Nina Gold

Best Cinematography
– “Ataque dos Cães” – Ari Wegner

Best Editing
– “Ataque dos Cães” – Peter Sciberras

Best Non-English-language Film
– “Drive My Car”

Best Woman Director
– Jane Campion – “Ataque dos Cães”

Best Woman Screenwriter
– Jane Campion – “Ataque dos Cães”

Best Animated Female
– Mirabel, Stephanie Beatriz – “Encanto”

Best Woman’s Breakthrough Performance
– Emilia Jones –  “No Ritmo do Coração”

Outstanding Achievement By A Woman In The Film Industry
– Maya Cade For Establishing The Black Film Archive

Grand Dame Award For Defying Ageism
– Dame Judi Dench

Most Egregious Lovers’ Age Difference Award
– “No Time to Die” – Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux (17 years)

Most Daring Performance Award
– Agatha Rouselle –  “Titane”

She Deserves A New Agent Award
– Melissa Mccarthy – “The Starling”

Time Waster Remake or Sequel Award
– “Space Jam: A New Legacy”

AWFJ Hall Of Shame Award
– Gina Carano, Nicki Minaj and Letitia Wright for using celeb status for anti-vax propaganda
– Producers, crew and cast of “Rust” for not following proper safety protocol and causing the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins
– Warner Bros for contributing to Mel Gibson’s resurgence by hiring him to direct “Lethal Weapon 5”

~ por Tommy Beresford em janeiro, 28 2022.

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