Robert Knox: Quase dez meses depois

Passados quase dez meses, o caso do assassinato de Robert Knox, ator de um dos filmes da saga Harry Potter, volta a render manchetes nos sites britânicos. Alguns deles:

Knife thug guilty of Harry Potter actor’s murder

A jury unanimously found a convicted knife-wielding thug guilty of murdering Harry Potter actor Robert Knox today (March 4).

Karl Bishop of Beaver Lodge, Carlton Road, Sidcup faces a life sentence after a jury returned a guilty verdict at the Old Bailey, the day after his 22nd birthday.

Robert Knox’s father Colin slumped sobbing in the public gallery with his head in his hands as the verdict was announced.

Bishop, who was also convicted of wounding with intent 22-year-old Dean Saunders, shook his head and stared at the jury as he heard the verdict.

‘I bent to kiss his forehead, he was cold’

The parents of Robert Knox both wrote statements telling the court how their lives have been devastated.

Colin Knox, who has separated from wife Sally, said that living without his son was a “daily nightmare”.

Mrs Knox said she would continue to campaign against knife crime to ensure his death will “make a difference”.

These are extracts from their statements: Mr Knox said: “On the 24th of May 2008 the lives of many people changed beyond belief. It was on that day my son, Robert Knox, was taken from this earth.

Aqui, uma matéria em português:
Acusado de assassinar Robert Knox depõe no Tribunal

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~ por Tommy Beresford em março, 04 2009.

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